Expand your horizons and explore Art & Cultures! Get your inspiration for your next art travels in the Netherlands and abroad!

Simon came to Rotterdam 12 years ago and fell in love with its dynamic presence; the cultural blend of people, ambitious public art displays and it’s modern architecture. On this personal blog, I would like to inspire you with my art travels. Connecting art with the presence day. With art & architecture in my dna, I hope to get you excited as well.

Simon grew up multilingually, has a Masters degree in architecture and worked at the international Art School Willem de Kooning Academy. During these years, frequent visits to Japan resulted in the founding of the Japanese Rotterdam Foundation Shofukan. Numerous visits to New Eastern Europe opened up my view in contemporary Arts and Cultures and the idea of this blog. My goal at my current job is to empower the Dutch Creative Industries. Architecture, Digital Design, Fashion, Music & Gaming from the Netherlands are famous around the globe.

Let's connect and make the world a better place through art. Contact to collaborate. Love to travel and meet passionate collectors, artists and communities. Say hello!