Hello, art lovers! My name is Simon, and I've been captivated by the power of art and architecture since childhood. For the past 20 years, Rotterdam, a vibrant city pulsating with a unique blend of cultures, public art displays, and modern architecture, has been my home. This blog is an invitation for you to explore and discover the vast and captivating world of art alongside me.

My travels have been enriching journeys of discovery. My love for Japan is still going strong for the past 20 years. From researching eldercare housing in Japan to delving into the country's rich artistic traditions, these experiences have broadened my understanding of different cultures and artistic expressions. In 2024 I will be learning the language, ready for the Expo Osaka in 2025!

Between 2010 and 2015, I even had the privilege of serving as chairman of the Shofukan Foundation in Rotterdam, supporting the realization of an authentic tea house – a testament to my commitment to cultural exchange.

My work doesn't stop at personal exploration. During my time at the art academy, I developed an international recruitment policy focusing on Eastern Europe, spending over five years immersed in the region's contemporary art and culture. In my current government role, I'm dedicated to empowering the Dutch creative industries, encompassing digital design, gaming, sustainable architecture, circular design, and sustainable fashion. The Netherlands, a nation renowned for nurturing some of the world's most innovative talents, is a source of immense national pride for me, and I'm thrilled to share their stories with you.

Ultimately, I believe art fosters connection and understanding, acting as a bridge across cultures and borders. If you share this passion, whether as a collector, artist, or simply an enthusiast, feel free to reach out and connect! Let's embark on this artistic journey together.