Oscar Niemeyer in Lebanon

Oscar Niemeyers stunning Fairground Expo site is a hidden gem for architectlovers. After you ticked Brasilia and Rio of your list, book your flight to Lebanon and get on top!

Here’s an update of the current status of Oscar Niemeyer Works at the fairground in Tripoli, January 2019.  The park is accessible by one entrance. No entrance fees. Only pedestrians allowed. The park is open during daytime.

Entrance to the park is an eight-meter high structure. Its open design gives viewers their first view of various sites in the park

The Experimental Theater is a huge dome with thick concrete walls rising at an extreme angle from the ground and great acoustics

The Lebanese Pavilion inspired by Lebanon’s traditional architecture, it’s the only major departure from Niemeyer’s signature space-age design style

The center’s 750-meter long exhibition hall. It has curves so as to make the end always just out of site

Simon says:

The location can best be reached with a private driver from your hotel in Beirut. This is the location on Maps. More information on Tripadvisor.

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