The best Bulgaria has to offer; the Rila monastery from the 10th century with beautiful eastern orthodox murals

It’s 1840 and the monks at Rila Monastery have a problem: how to communicate Biblical stories to the faithful who are unable to read.

Christians faced this literacy problem from the beginning of the faith, and the solution was art. Drawings, paintings, sculptures, and stained glass windows – all did the job. But at Rila the art form of choice are vibrant, detailed #frescoes

Completed in 1846, the frescoes are the work of the famous Bulgarian muralist #ZahariZograf and his brother, the icon artist #DimitarZograf

Archangel Michael, defender of the Church, and chief opponent of Satan. Fresco by #ZahariZograf

You can sleep in the Rila Monastery! Two options, the luxury ‘normal’ one, or the basic one with a simple matrass and heating. Guests are allowed to walk inside the galleries. Visitors are not allowed to enter the premises

Simon says:

The monastery has a specially designated area for hosting travellers. For 13 euro you can book a basic room. Simply call +35970542208 and arrive before 9pm. After that, the doors are closed! The location on Maps

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